Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Resolutions

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Do you make New Year's resolutions? Have you ever made a yarn-related one? For many years I either didn't make them at all, or made half-hearted ones. I made resolutions I hoped would help me get into a particular habit or get closer to a particular goal, but they never worked all that well. And they didn't work for the most classic reason: I couldn't stick with them. They ended up feeling like too much, I'd miss a day or blow a self-imposed deadline and feel I hadn't kept the resolution already so missing more days was no longer meaningful.

The 3 Steps to Completing your 2016 New Year's Resolution

For 2015, I changed the pattern. I made a single, very specific resolution, and I kept it! I resolved to publish 12 crochet patterns before the end of the year. That's one a month, of course, and my plan was to complete one every month. It didn't quite work out that way, but even though some months I published nothing and some months I published two patterns or more, the work got done. I reached my goal. There are two specific reasons I think my resolution worked for me this year in a way resolutions haven't worked for me in the past.

1. It's quantifiable. I didn't resolve to write "more" patterns; I resolved to write 12. Having a real count made the goal concrete and achievable in a way that "more" could never be. Once I'd gotten a couple done, there were only 10 left. A couple more, and it was only 8. There's an inherent reward in working toward a concrete goal like this oneit gets closer with every step.

2. It's personally achievable. What I mean by that is the resolution was attainable through my own actions only. Your goal might be to get published in a national magazine, but that isn't a very good resolution because ultimately it's not up to you. It's up to the magazine editors. Instead, you might resolve to submit something to a magazine twice a month. That way the resolution is something you can achieve all by yourself. I used the word "publish" in my resolution because I planned to be mainly self-publishing here on the blog and selling patterns myself on Ravelry and Etsy. I did have a few patterns come out in magazines, and of course I counted those, but I made sure not to rely on others to achieve my goal.

With this in mind, I think I'm going to repeat my resolution. I know I can do 12 more patterns this year. And I'd like to add to it by making a resolution about this oft-neglected blog I've started. I think I can do 50 blog posts in 2016. I'm not positive I'll make one a week, though I think that's a good goal and will help keep me on track, and I've got a couple "vacation" weeks planned into the number for when it just isn't going to happen. I know I can do it! (And hey, I'm already down to 49.)

To wrap up my year, here they are in order of appearance, the patterns I published in 2015!

1. The Mod Bob

2. Zebra Chevron Legwarmers  FREE!

3. Candy Hearts  FREE!

4. Lucky Clover Headband  FREE!

5. Irish Flag Koozie  FREE!

6. Power Tie Coffee Cozy in Happily Hooked Magazine #14

7. Uterus Bean Bag 

8. A Twist of Lime Summer Cap in Happily Hooked Magazine #17

9.  Rainbeer  FREE!

10. Candy Cane Coffee Cozy  FREE!

11. Christmas Light Ornament  FREE!

12. Puffed Wheat Winter Hat (forthcoming, in Happily Hooked #23!)

Happy New Year and Happy Crocheting!

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