Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Victory of the Dark Side

Have you ever looked at a lovely colorwork pattern and thought, I like that, but...nahhh? Sometimes colorwork just isn't what you want to do, or won't create the effect you're looking for, or you simply have a stash of one color you want to do something with, and stripes aren't in the cards.

I experienced a combination of these feelings when I came across the pattern for the Victory Jumper, found via the V&A Knitting Pattern Archive.

free 1940's Knitting pattern Your Victory Jumper
and check out that vintage telephone!

The Victory Jumper, one of many vintage knitting patterns I've admired and one that promises, right there in the photo, "Such an Easy Pattern." Who could resist? I love the shape, the long waist and lacy blouse, and the long slim sleeves. It's flattering and fun. 

So, I knitted it.

In black.

First, I swatched like the good little knitter I (usually) am. The lace pattern looks quite differentand simplerfrom a distance, but the single color also highlights the eyelets in the lace in a way the stripes don't. I decided to knit it with a somewhat slimmer shape to amplify that effect.

My gauge was a bit larger than the pattern required, so I adjusted the stitch count as well. The larger gauge also made those eyelets really pop.


It's fascinating (to me at least) how much adding or eliminating color changes can affect a garment's overall look. The scallops made so obvious by the color changes in the original design are virtually eliminated. If you look closely you can see the stitches sloping up and down, but the overall effect is if a vertical-striped lace.

I'm happy with the experiment and the result. The single dark color makes the top look less casual, more suited to a night out on the town than chatting with your girlfriends on your rotary phone...or whatever kids do these days.

classy and sassy

The dark side is victorious! And in this case, I don't mind a bit. Knit this sweater and you will probably be compelled to put your hands on your hips and strike a pose. There's really no way not to.

And one last pic where you can actually kinda see my earrings, just because this is literally the most I've ever matched in my lifeskirt, top, earrings, and lips. It's madness!

Happy Knitting!

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