Thursday, May 7, 2015

Uterus Bean Bag

As a follow up to my post on feminist Mother's Day gifts, here's my own contribution. It's definitely a little wacky, and probably wouldn't be for everyone, but for the mom with a sense of humor, consider this uterus bean bag! Give mom a hilarious paperweight or stress ball for the office, or just a bit of anatomical home decor.

I'd never actually owned or used a stress ball before this, but now that I've made a few of the uterus variety, I see the attraction. They are strangely comforting to squeeze, and have a nice heft to them. I can imagine really squishing it during those times when you're stressed out or when you just wish you could leave your own uterus at home (you know those times).

They're also pretty fun to make, and a nice stash buster that uses less than an ounce of yarn total. This one measures about 4" in height and 6.5" across. It's larger in the hand than most stress balls, but I think that makes it all the more fun to squeeze.

This one is filled with navy beans, which are just about the perfect size for the project. They're large enough that there's no danger of any escaping, but small enough to fit even in those skinny fallopian tubes.

The uterus can be made with or without the ovaries. I like how solid it is with the ovaries tying the tubes (no pun intended) back to the uterus body. Without the ovaries, the tubes stretch out further, and actually might be kinda fun to play with, now that I think about it.

it kinda looks like it's dancing

This pattern includes a few unusual techniques and so I've added more photos to the pattern than in most of my other designs which I hope will demystify any strange things I might be asking you to do with your yarn. Of course, I'm also offering free customer service as I do with all my designs. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask.

It's a fun pattern and pretty quick to whip up as well. I'm offering the pattern for sale for $3 via Etsy and Ravelry. But, from now until Mother's Day, it'll be half price with the coupon MOMSDAY. Have fun stitching!

Finished uteruses can also be purchased if you're less of a crafter and more of a craft supporter: Uterus Bean Bag

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