Sunday, February 8, 2015

What a difference some color makes

I know that the rest of the crafting world is thinking about Valentine's Day, but here in New Orleans our hearts have already been given away to Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras means costumes, and while I've been slacking on putting together my own outfit, I've been working on many others, including a small change to an old favorite—my Devil Horn Hat with earflaps. I've always made my devil hats in two colors, black with red horns and red contrast trim.

Shown in Caron Simply Soft Black and Autumn Red
For whatever reason, I never made a solid one until a customer asked me to create a trio of red devils for her family to wear at Mardi Gras. Of course I obliged!

Shown in all Autumn Red, Caron  Simply Soft
I was surprised at the devilish result. The small change of using a solid color created a really different effect on the overall look of the hat. The widow's peak especially looks more organic when not done in a contrasting color. I like them both, and encourage you all to try a little color change (or eliminating one) in your own work to see what kind of magic happens. Happy crocheting!

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