Friday, December 5, 2014

Pom Pom Magic

There are many, many pom pom tutorials out there on the interwebs. But when I needed to make one to top this little pointed cap, I didn't follow any of them.

I read a lot of different methods and directions and then I found a way that worked better for me than any of them. So, here it is!


Thin cardboard with a fold in it. (I used a 6 pack box, but a cereal box would work too.)

First, we'll have to make a template. The fun thing here is you only have to make it once in a particular size, and you've got yourself a pom pom making machine.

Cut a chunk out of the side of your box so that the length across the fold is a bit bigger than you want your finished pom pom to be. If it's too big, you can trim it down, and you'll have to do some trimming anyway, so err on the large side. It is MUCH easier to cut a piece of cardboard that already has a fold in it, than to cut a square and try to fold it yourself. If you want a straight line (and you do), this is the way to go. The length along the fold is less important. My little rectangle is 2" (1" on each side of the fold) by about 2.5." You may find a longer piece easier to deal with.

Yes, that is a Sierra Nevada box.

Next, take a length of yarn—6" or so—and sandwich it the fold. This will be your pom pom tie.


And now, we wrap. Around and around and around the folded side. Then around like fifty more times.

I wrapped this one a hundred times, because I guess I really like counting. The number of wraps isn't crucial, but you want a lot or yarn for a full pom pom.

When you're all wrapped up, cut the yarn and then pull your scrap yarn down to the bottom of the folded cardboard to tie.

I found it easier to partially tie it on the cardboard, and then slip the whole thing off to tighten the knot and make it more secure.

Slide your scissors into the loops and cut all the way around. 

 You should now have a big, gangly pom pom that looks like it needs haircut. 

Give it a haircut! Just snip all around the circle to get the ends even and the pom pom the size you want.

 Check out this good looking pom pom. 

I felt like I trimmed a lot around the circumference of my pom pom, but it measures just about 1.75" across, pretty close to my 2" template.

Now, go out there and fill the world with pom poms!

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