Monday, March 14, 2016

Lucky Clover Earrings

To continue with my theme of wearable St. Patrick's Day crochet goodies, I have a very simple free pattern for you all. Lucky Clover Earrings. The design is based on my Lucky Clover Headband, and I made them with the same concept in mindone with three leaves and one with fourbecause the fun of four-leaf clovers is searching for them! You could also make a matching pair with three leaves apiece for a shamrock look, or two with four leaves if you're feeling like you could use some extra luck.

I happen to have inherited a stash of crochet thread of indeterminate age, so I dipped into that for this pattern. I don't know if the color I used is still in production, but I'm sure there is plenty of green thread out there you can use. Even embroidery floss should work just fine, though the size of the finished earrings may be altered. My thread is a DMC Cotton Perle in a sage green, and the finished size came out to approximately .75" across the clovers and 1.25" from the stem to the top.

Lucky Clover Earrings


  • Size 5 crochet thread.
  • US 00, 3mm hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Fabric stiffener (optional)
  • 2 flat-post earring backs
  • Hot glue

            st : stitch
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
sl: slipstitch


Make 2. I think it’s fun to have one 3-leaf and one 4-leaf clover, but you can certainly make a matching pair.  
 1: In a magic loop, ch 2, dc 2, ch 2, sl back into loop.  Repeat 2-3 more times, for a 3- or 4-leaf clover.
2: Ch 5, sl in second ch from hook, and each succeeding ch. Tie off. Pull magic loop tight and weave in ends. 
A Three Leaf Clover
And a Lucky Four Leaf Clover


I recommend treating your clovers with fabric stiffener to help them keep their shape and not curl up at the edges. Once they’re dry and stiffened to your liking, use a glue gun to attach your flat-post earring back in the center of each clover. 

That’s it! You’re officially ready to celebrate St. Paddy’s.

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